Let's embrace a culture of World-Wise giving!  

Our Story

How often have you received a gift that makes a positive difference to the well-being of our world? Fact is that we live in a world where materialistics matters. But only so long until we change that thought. We believe this change begins with you.

Everyone loves gifts. We don't want you to stop sharing that, but we can make a difference having a small footprint on nature and create a positive impact with our choices for our Dunia (World).

As mothers of young children, we feel responsible. It's time to breathe new life into gift giving.

In Bali, where we lived for years, we fell in love with simplicity. Due to the magical touch of the Island of the Gods, we embraced a minimalist and conscious lifestyle. Just like that Balinese child who happily plays with a wooden stick for hours.

WeDunia helps conscious parents to give and receive World-Wise gifts for their children. We help you choose and receive gifts that pay it forward, are long lasting and eco friendly. Not just once but over a lifetime.

Let's change the spirit of giving together!


We’ve made a list with our desires how to enrich WeDunia and this World-Wise journey.
We’d love to make these happen together with you!

Adopting a Reef

in The Coral Triangle to help to rehabilitate coral reefs and contribute to healthy oceans and seas

WeDunia Invitation Cards

design editable WeDunia invitation cards so our members can directly create the invitation and add their page link

World-Wise Milestones

timeline functionality with shareable milestones and World-Wise milestone cards

WeDunia For Everyone

in addition to children, we’d love that teenagers and grown-ups also create a WeDunia Page

More Countries

add more languages and more local WeDunia Gift Inspiration items