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General questions about WeDunia

What means WeDunia? ‘Dunia’ means ‘World’ in Indonesian, WeDunia means ‘Our World’ and is created in Bali. We’d love to emphasize the spirit of “WeDu” - We Do make a difference together.
Does WeDunia own or provide any donations, activities or products items herself? No. WeDunia does only connect you with World-Wise donation, product, activity organizations and is not involved in the purchase or money transfer. Within your WeDunia account you can add product links, which refers to the organization where your guests can donate or purchase the gift directly.
Why is there a subscription for WeDunia? The subscription fee is $10 per year of which 20% is donated to rehabilitate coral reefs. The remaining fee is requested to maintain the website, WeDunia page environment and to build on the World-Wise journey and mission to empower individuals and organizations to have a small footprint on nature and create a positive impact with their choices on our Dunia (World). WeDunia does not earn money from affiliates and is free from paid advertising.
How does the Coral Project works? We cooperate with Coral Guardian a non-profit international organization dedicated to the conservation of coral reef ecosystems, raising awareness, scientific research and the development of marine ecosystems for communities that depend on them for subsistence. Please check out our Coral Project page for more info.
Will my guests/visitor of my WeDunia page be charged? Guests and visitors won’t be charged.
Can anyone see my WeDunia page? No. Only the guests with whom you shared the link and password can see your page.
Can I use WeDunia as an adult? Yes sure! Please do so! You can create your page in the same way but instead of using your child’s name you use your own name, photo and add your desires. So technically it’s possible already but we’re planning to make WeDunia specially for grown-ups :)

WeDunia Page related questions

How can I add another child to my WeDunia account? Within your account you can select “create another page” or go to “Spread the Joy” and select WeDunia Brother/Sister Subscription, which we designed for existing members.
How many children can I add to my account? You can add up to 4 children/pages to your account.
How can I ask for non-material and/or material gifts? You can add “Add from Anywhere” from the internet, browse our selection under “WeDunia Gift Inspiration” or “Create your own item” to add items and product links to your wish lists.
How can I ask for monetary contributions? You can add an item to your “Wish List - Gift Together”. Guests can mark items as “supported” and leave their name. The actual transaction of the monetary contribution should take place between you and your guest or directly between your guest and organization.
How can I share the WeDunia Page link? The best way is to add the page link to your party/celebration invitation or birth announcement card or share the link via socmed, WhatsApp or email.
How will my family and friends know how to support a donation, activity or gift together item or where to buy a gift? You’ll add items to your wishlists which include a link where the item can be supported or purchased and have a description which could include an extra guidance on where the gift can be supported or purchased.
What does WeDunia mean with ‘Donations & Adoptions’? Any donation to your (local) favorite charity, this can be either tree planting, a contribution to a cancer foundation, adopting a piece of coral or adopt an endangered species etc.
What does WeDunia mean with ‘Activity Gifts’? Fun, educational, cultural, nature, volunteering related experience gifts. Can be a membership for Museums, Volunteering in a National Parks or Beach Cleanup, volunteer hours for a local organization including a picnic, Child Care like babysitting, Household Help, Yoga, Art or Cooking class or other meaningful Family activity to foster happiness and unforgettable moments.
What does WeDunia means with ‘Gift Together’? Contribution to a dream gift, like a holiday, a membership, a durable bike etc. so family & friends can support this together.
What does WeDunia means with ‘World-Wise Gifts’? Durable, long lasting or eco-friendly gifts, anything that has a small footprint on our Dunia (World).
What happens to my “Add to Milestones” items? These received items will be archived and used for your future milestone page.
How can I stop my subscription? Your subscription is annually terminable, you’ll receive a reminder in time.