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Coral Project

Let’s protect and restore coral reef ecosystems!

40% of coral reefs have already disappeared due to human activities and global warming. Scientists estimate if nothing is done in the next 5 years they’ll completely disappear from the Earth’s surface by 2050. That’s why we adopt coral for every new member which means you’ll help to rehabilitate coral reefs and contribute to healthy oceans and seas. Together we create a positive impact on our Dunia (World)!

We adopt a reef in the Coral Triangle!

Through our ‘adopt a coral reef’ program your subscription contributes to coral reef
conservation to save them from extinction. We donate 20% of each WeDunia Page and 30% of every WeDunia Gift Card to Coral Guardian,
an international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of coral reef ecosystems,
restoring and protecting marine biodiversity. Coral Guardian transplants WeDunia’s adopted corals
in a particular area where reefs were previously damaged.
Each coral is being observed with ♡ and monitored scientifically.
Read more about their amazing work here!

Why should we protect and restore coral reefs?

Climate Issue - 33% of CO2 emissions are absorbed by the world’s oceans, corals are an essential element in the biological balance of the oceans.
Food Resource - 275 million people depend directly on coral ecosystems for livelihoods.
Coastal Protection - Coral reefs protect the coasts of more than 100 countries.
Home - 25% of marine biodiversity depends on coral reefs.
Economic Resource - world’s economic benefit of coral reefs is nearly $30 billion a year.
Medical Future - reefs organisms are hope for research in treating certain diseases.

Coral Guardian operates in the island of Pulau Hatamin, Flores, Indonesia in an area that was particularly damaged by dynamite fishing. This area is located in the centre of the Coral Triangle, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, which is home to 76% of the world’s coral species and 2,228 species of reef fish.

We can’t wait to share the ‘adopt a coral reef’ achievements!